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Irie is a word in the Jamaica creole that can mean feeling happy, cool or a state of feeling really good.
It is no doubt that many places in Jamaica can make you feel irie. We have put together some really cool Active Tourism places you can visit when in Jamaica.

Reich Falls (pronounce Reach), located in Portland.
Reach Falls is centered on an exotic waterfall cascading down a rock face.
It is a luxurious eco attraction hidden in the Reich FallsJohn Crow Mountain. Reach Falls has over 23 species of ferns, variety of birds, it also features a natural heart-shaped Jacuzzi. It offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation, and adventure. The lush greenery from the Montane Forrest and the refreshing pool beneath the cascading waterfall promises a memorable experience. Reach Falls offers the opportunity to enjoy the cascading waterfall, a picnic area, and a guided tour upstream the Driver’s River which feeds the waterfall featuring a visit inside our legendary underwater cave. For more information, you can contact:
reachfalls@udcja.com, 876-993-6606.

Somerset Falls, Portland.
Somerset Falls has a beautiful untouched scenery, peaceful nature, swim in the tranquil cool river waters. Somerset was once an old sugar plantation that extended from the mountains to the sea, now Somerset is a 97-acre property with a breathtaking garden, complete with ponds and waterfalls. 

Somerset Falls A concrete path leads up the river to the back of the property. Along the way, small waterfalls trickle down the bushy hillsides and shady benches, where visitors enjoy a moment of tranquillity. The path ends at a deep river pond that entices you to take a plunge into its invigorating clear, turquoise water. A guide will take you on a rowboat ride through a narrow tributary, encircled by limestone caverns to the spectacular main attraction - the "Hidden Falls". Here, you can cool off in the 20-foot-deep pool.For photographers: to best capture this cascading shower and luminous pool, turn off your flash. You won’t be disappointed! Located within the pristine setting of Somerset Falls are four spacious guest rooms. Thoughtfully decorated with floral fabrics and original artwork by a local painter, the lushness from outside is brought into each room. For more information, you can contact: smatt@cwjamaica.com, 876-913-0046

YS Falls opened in 1990. It is a nature-based attraction offering the opportunity to experience the beauty of the waterfalls surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent trees. YS FALLSThere are seven waterfalls, several which cascade into natural pools. Some areas are fairly rocky and do not allow for safe swimming. Lifeguards are on site, to indicate which areas are for swimming, however, being able to swim is a requirement. There is a natural pool, fed by underground and above ground springs, which is more suitable for children and others unable to swim.

More recent additions to the attractions at YS Falls, include exhiliarating canopy rides, which glide from the top of the falls to its base, and river tubing. These adventures are accompanied by experienced guides to take care of you along the way. Visit the web site

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