Irie is a word in the Jamaica creole that can mean feeling happy, cool or a state of feeling really good.
It is no doubt that many places in Jamaica can make you feel irie. We have put together some really cool Active Tourism places you can visit when in Jamaica.

If you enjoy nature and love the outdoors, a trip to Bluefields might just be one of the things that you can do while in Jamaica. Bluefields is located on the the south-coast of Jamaica. Bluefields is an ecologically diverse area with many endemic Bluefields Bayspecies of birds and butterflies in one of the most beautiful setting nettled in the mountains.

Bluefields attracts local and foreign tourists who are looking for an alternative. Visitors to Bluefields can also relax and soak in its beauty, sign up for one or more of the guided nature or culture tours. Environmentally friendly guides take you into the heart of remote communities were you can meet and talk to local people and visit them in their homes.

HummingbirdMountain Birding and Nature Walk includes for nature lovers who will enjoy the many endemic species. The route follows rocky paths and old roads no longer used by motor vehicles will will pass through allspice woods, you will also observe birds such as the Jabbering Crow Red-billed Streamertail and Mango Hummingbird, Jamaican Oriole, Jamaican Spindalis, Jamaican Parakeet, and the occasional endangered Yellow-billed Parrot. You will observe nest sites of the Jamaican Tody, also butterflies on the route. Bluefield has very beautiful sceneries that will relax your mind, breathtaking! For more information, you can ask your hotel helpdesk or contact the Bluefields ….

 Font Hill Beach Park 
Fon Hill Bech Parkis a great pristine white-sand beach, one of the undeveloped beaches in western Jamaica. It is an attractive well kept beach with clean golden sand and safe swimming area.

A lovely place for a beach picnic, however the beach can be sometimes very popular at weekends and public holidays, but it is usually quiet during the weekdays. Located in St. Elizabeth on the South coast of Jamaica. There is also a quiet villa park in the nearby area where you can spend some nice relaxing time away from your busy daily life. For more information, you can contact

 Cranbrook Flower Forest
Cranbrook is a unique eco-tourism attraction located 18 miles west from Ocho Rios on Jamaica's north coast at Laughlands in the parish of St. Ann between the two main tourism and cruise ship towns of Ohio Rios and Montego Bay.

Situated on 130 acres including 40 acres which are landscaped, it was opened to the public in May 1997. This multifaceted property boasts exotic tropical gardens, lawns, water pools and a tropical rain forest. Granbrook ParkCranbrook offers an exotic tropical Flower Forest and an exciting River Head Adventure Tour. Other activities include wading in the Little River, bird watching, nature walks, pond fishing, volley ball and children's play area. Make sure to walk all the way up to the riverhead, it is spectacular and absolutely worth the effort!

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