Irie is a word in the Jamaica creole that can mean feeling happy, cool or a state of feeling really good.
It is no doubt that many places in Jamaica can make you feel irie. We have put together some really cool Active Tourism places you can visit when in Jamaica.
Montego Bay Court House 
Built around 1774 this building has proven to be quite an important monument in St. James' history, it is best known for the trial of National Hero Sam Sharpe which was held in 1832. Sharpe led the Great Slave Rebellion in December 1831. Many estates, including the surrounding areas of the Parish were burnt. Sam Sharpe and many others involved in the rebellion were tried and hanged. The court house had been restored and is now known as the Montego Bay Civic Centre, the centre has a museum.

Rose Hall Great House
Montego Bay
Built in the mid 19th Century overlooking the beautiful Caribbean sea, on the hills of the former Rose Hall Sugar Estate,
It was restored to its former glory, the house has a Georgian architecture.

Greenwood Great HouseGreenwood Great House is the finest antique museum in the Caribbean and indeed the greatest Great House in Jamaica. Built during an era of elegance and brutality, Greenwood has retained the atmosphere of the 19th century and continues to capture the imagination of its visitors.

Built by the Barretts of Wimpole Street London in 1800, the home still has much of its original furniture. In fact, Greenwood has the largest and rarest collection of musical instruments and books in the island. Website greenwood greathouse

Falmouth CourthouseFalmouth Court House
Falmouth, Trelawny
Originally built in 1817, this was one of the first official buildings erected. It was erected on the site that formerly housed Fort Balcarres. In 1926 it was destroyed by fire and rebuilt using the shell that remained.

Today it has been resurfaced in the traditional Ancient Roman lime wash technique that was adapted by the British and continues to function as the Courthouse, Town hall and Trelawny Parish Council offices.

Devon House Kingston
Is one of Jamaica’s leading national monuments and a symbol of the cultural diversity, which makes this island a unique choice for thousands of visitors. Devon HouseThis 127 year old site located in the heart of metropolis Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, offers a striking contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. The 11-acre property with its lush sprawling lawns provides an ambience that soothes the mind and soul, and offers an enviable shopping experience for both local and overseas visitors. Patrons to Devon House can partake in the fascinating history of the site, which was built by Jamaica’s first black millionaire George Stiebel. The architectural style of Devon House has been described as Jamaican-Georgian displaying very formal and symmetrical lines.
The Georgian style came about in England between 1714 and 1811.
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