Irie is a word in the Jamaica creole that can mean feeling happy, cool or a state of feeling really good.
It is no doubt that many places in Jamaica can make you feel irie. We have put together some really cool Active Tourism places you can visit when in Jamaica.
Blue Mountains

Nature Tours in Jamaica
Jamaica has a lot of unspoiled nature areas, and some have been developed to be visited. A lot of care has been taken to keep these places sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. We hope that with this selected information you are able to enjoy Jamaica's wonderful nature areas as we did. Read more>

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Jamaican humming bird
Bird Watching
Jamaica has 28 endemic birds, in all there are about more than 290 species including a large number of migratory birds. Birds are found everywhere in Jamaica, if you are a bird watching enthusiast, you will find a more concen-tration of birds in the mountains. Read more >
YS FAlls

Xaymaca "land of wood and water" as the Arawak indians called the island. And lots of water there is, rivers, lakes and off course waterfalls. Some are famous others are not. We like to highlight a few unknown, but beautiful ones, where the natural state still prevails. Read more >

ATV Tours
Active Tours
When in Jamaica you like to see more and do more.. That means getting active, lazing on the beach in the sun is nice, but when you are on a tropical island why not enjoy a jeep safari, zip trough a rainforest, hiking, biking, bobsledding, ATV tours, horseback riding, etc.
Read more
Treasure Reef

Water Sports
Surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, Jamaica is great for scuba diving and snorkeling, but also sailing, river rafting, kayaking, river tubing are among other water sport activities that are available in most resort areas. Read more >

Golf Clubs
The draw of the Jamaican golf scene is as powerful as the slice of a champion’s swing. The greens offer an exciting diversity of challenge that keeps the pros coming back again and again, while novices hone their skills on some of the world’s most scenic courses. Read more >
Rose Hall Great House
Historical Places
The rich history of Jamaica can be seen by visiting some old great houses, old cities like Falmouth, Port Royal fort, German Town, and other special historical attractions featuring the history of Jamaica starting from the Taino and Arawak Indian time. Read more
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